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My decolletage is costing me a fortune

18 Dec

Is it ever ok to buy $150 worth of product to get a free gift?
As I recently entered a new decade I have become even more obsessed with the health of my largest organ. I have used Erno Laszlo’s @ernolaszlo black mud soap for a very long time; however I just began the full on treatment routine.  Thanks to a good friend who has skin like milk, I now have a consultant at Neiman Marcus named Marsha.  I am buying things I swore I would never buy. I am spending money like it doesn’t matter. I don’t even ask the price. What is wrong with me?

I blame it on working in advertising. Not because I’m bombarded with messages of beauty or because I’m surrounded by twenty and thirty somethings. It comes from sitting in brainstorming sessions where we talk about skin. Recently it was about the décolletage. I hate to admit it but before that didn’t know I had one. It is the part of your chest where your throat ends.

So the concern over the décolletage (where I can’t see anything wrong) leads to compulsion over other choice parts where the flaws are visible.  I now have a multi-step process regiment in the morning and evening.

I need to milk my youth and pliable skin while I can. If I make the right choices now, I may buy a few less lines and wrinkles. And that is important for someone like me who had children later in life.