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Milk the principles of exercise to help manage keeping up at work

2 Mar

If you follow this blog you know that I am challenged with finding time where I feel like working out.  So in addition to the stairs (I managed to do 30 flights today), I am also starting to do the add one sit up and one push up everyday.  I started this with my friend Donna at work.  We don’t do this at work, but we make sure we are both sticking to the plan.  We’re on day four, so we’re doing very well so far – four sit ups and four push ups – who can’t do that?!

I am applying a similar approach to keeping up with all the news in my industry.  You can’t possibly keep up with everything, but you can get yourself organized in such a way that you can add things in on a gradual basis and before you know it you are reading  new blogs (MarketingProfs), watching another TED video (Sheryl Sandberg) and following new people on Twitter (@jowyang).


Walking stairs brings up issues

25 Feb

It’s hard to walk the stairs…

..while texting, emailing, surfing or talking on the phone

…with a winter coat, mittens, scarf, starbucks, umbrella, big ole boots, a purse and a computer bag (I am still carrying the laptop and iPad, I have to figure out how to stop this)

…and what I discovered today…skinny jeans.  The good news is that I fit into my version of skinny jeans, the bad news is that it adds a new challenge to walking up the nine flights of stairs.

…Oh yeah, that was another new revelation today – no office building labels the 13th floor – so going from 8 to 18 is not ten flights, but rather nine flights.  This “ah ha” was the most disturbing of all.

I will continue to milk the brief alone time and power up the nine flights while only using my iPhone for music.

Milking Time

24 Feb

I have been struggling for a while about finding the time to work out. I have always worked out in the morning, but after having my twins morning is the time for precious sleep.  I get up at 6am so I can get the early train to work in order to get home for dinner time with the family.  So working out in the morning means very early.  I know people do it.  I have been talking to many people to work up the motivation and conviction to do it.

So this past Tuesday I got up at 5am and did 45 minutes of Power Yoga in my kitchen/playroom/livingroom.  I listened to a podcast of a yoga instructor in Chicago, but he was trained in Cambridge by Baron Baptiste so it is the same style of yoga I love.  It felt great after.

Today I did it again.  Today was harder.  It is hard to stay focused. I miss the heat of the yoga studio.  But there isn’t time to drive to a studio. So I’m sure I’ll get used to this.

But the other way I am milking time is walking stairs.  At work I get off at the 8th floor and walk up to 18th where my office is located.  My friend at work @soniachung turned me onto this.  It is energizing.  My goal is to do that three times a day – so far I have only made it twice a day.  I should start scheduling meetings with Sonia and hold them in the stairwell.  That is the easiest way to do the stairs – talking to someone the whole way up.  The alternative way I have been doing this is listening to music very loud on my iPod.  Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin and Ozzy are good for that.

So I am not working out like I used to, but I am milking the time I can to squeeze it in.  I’m ok with this for now.

Milk It 2

5 Oct

The inspiration for this blog name is summed up below.  But the blog will take many different roads beyond motherhood, as I realize the phrase Milk It applies to a lot of things and attitudes.

For my first child I nursed for seven months and had stockpiled enough breast milk so she never had formula until she was nine months old. I had twins on March 12th, a boy and a girl.  Breastfeeding them was  a bit more of a challenge, first of all there were two hungry babies and second of all my body was four years older.  Eventually the milk came in and everyone was happy.  But everyday and every night it was up to me to provide sustenance for them.  It was very stressful, although I don’t remember the early days that well, I just remember the mantra of day by day.  My husband didn’t want me to continue, he saw how tired I was and wanted me to take better care of myself.  But I persevered because I was still going to have to get up in the middle of the night with them, so making a bottle is not easier.  In my mind I kept thinking that my daughter got the benefits of being breastfed and she will always have the benefit of being first born.  The least I could do was try to make this as fair as possible out of the gate.

So, here I am almost seven months in and I know the time is almost up.  I lament the impending end.  I love breastfeeding for many reasons.

1.) It’s good for the babies – protects against allergies, obesity and other health related issues

2.) It’s good bonding between mother and babies

3.) Lower’s the mother’s risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes

4.) Cheaper than formula and with twins I can tell you we go through a lot of formula (the babies are on formula during the day and sometimes a cocktail depending on how much I’m able to pump during the time I’m at work or traveling.)

5.) WEIGHT LOSS – I am back to my pre-baby weight. But I suspect a lot of that is loss of muscle.  It’s difficult to workout when you don’t sleep.

6.) Clear skin

7.) Longer hair – although it is falling out at an alarming rate, there is a lot of it growing to cover the loss

8.) Less work at night, you don’t have to make bottles (Now I know what you’re thinking, they are 6.5 months, why are they still getting up? Well, I can’t tell you why, I can tell you that they just are.)

9.) May boost intelligence of the baby, not the mother – sleep deprivation puts a stop to that for sure

10.) As a working mom, it is the one thing that can eliminate guilt for leaving your children with someone that’s not you for long stretches of time. As soon as they see or smell your scent they get excited and can’t wait to nurse.

So I lament.  I wonder if they will still be excited to see me walk in the door at night if they are just going to get a bottle.  I wonder how much weight I’ll put on before I can work out on a regular basis.  Luckily I have sizes 2-10 in my closet.  I know the babies have received their fair share of benefits from this.  I know they are fine with food and formula.  So mostly it’s about me and my benefits. It’s about not worrying about what I eat.  It’s about the bonding.  It’s about the long hair.  So forgive me but I’m going to milk it for as long as I can.