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Milk the principles of exercise to help manage keeping up at work

2 Mar

If you follow this blog you know that I am challenged with finding time where I feel like working out.  So in addition to the stairs (I managed to do 30 flights today), I am also starting to do the add one sit up and one push up everyday.  I started this with my friend Donna at work.  We don’t do this at work, but we make sure we are both sticking to the plan.  We’re on day four, so we’re doing very well so far – four sit ups and four push ups – who can’t do that?!

I am applying a similar approach to keeping up with all the news in my industry.  You can’t possibly keep up with everything, but you can get yourself organized in such a way that you can add things in on a gradual basis and before you know it you are reading  new blogs (MarketingProfs), watching another TED video (Sheryl Sandberg) and following new people on Twitter (@jowyang).


My Picks for the SuperBowl Ad Wars

7 Feb

Not that anyone cares, but I like to rank the spots.  I think it would be interesting to see what you pick too.

Favorite 7 Spots:

1. Chrysler 200 (Ode to Detroit)

2. Cruz Eco (retirement home)

3. Best Buy “What’s a Beiber?”

4. Audi’s (escape the confines of old luxury)

5. Doritos (sucking finger)

6. Bridgestone (reply all and beaver)

7. Sealy’s/Sleepy’s (morning fun)


Groupon (Tibet is never funny)

Annoying online execution:

Focus Rally – still can’t login due to registration activation (probably user error, but spent too much time trying to figure it out.)

Honorable Mention for movie and / or TV promotion:

House (this is our HOUSE and the Mean Joe Green spoof)

Who Cares?:

ShapeUps by Sketchers (watching their fan count and it isn’t climbing)

Duel of the Sodas:

Pepsi Max

Social Extensions:

Didn’t seem to prevalent, or as prevalent as predicted. Only three spots had twitter handles and only a few had Facebook.  Focus Rally will unfold in social media.  Chatter.com can enable it.  Groupon and Living Social are activating their services through mass channels – did they jump the shark?  I think maybe they did.

What are you picks for the categories?