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Milk It

23 Jun

I don’t think that I had the foot surgery to go back to invalid status.  Or did I? I loved being a contributing member of the family following the birth of our twins.  I spent seven weeks on modified bed rest and at 39 weeks I had a c-section.  Early on in the long-awaited-and-tried-for pregnancy I had a little bleeding and pneumonia, so I was treating myself gingerly as to not tempt fate any further. I had about three great weeks where I was completely healed from the c-section before the foot surgery.  I was so very happy.  I did everything domestic, to know me is to know that I don’t really love cooking, cleaning or errand running.  But I embraced it with a sense of urgency and efficiency.  I also was able to work out on a regular basis (as our Nanny started in week 10 of maternity leave – more on that later.)

My darling husband who single handily ran the entire household for over a year, was given a much deserved break.  But two days before Father’s Day, I had a Plantar’s wart removed and needed to lay low.  Happy Father’s Day!  I guess the surgery helped me realize three things 1.) there isn’t ever a good time to off your feet – never mind mothering 3 month old twins, a 3.5 year old daughter during the last two weeks of maternity leave at the end of June; 2.) I should spend less time ‘doing things’ and more time mothering the sweet adorable babies.; 3.) I should slow down and calm the mind prior to jumping back into the frenetic pace of my career in marketing.

So, I’m making a vow to stop lamenting the fact that my podiatrist didn’t give the downside of the surgery to me in realistic terms.  I’m going to stop obsessing over the 11 pounds I would still like to lose so that I don’t have to buy all new clothes for work.  I can’t really wear the same two pairs of shorts to the office as I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. I would probably lose the weight if I stopped saying, “I’m nursing, so it’s ok if I eat dark chocolate covered blueberries everyday.  They have antioxidants!” And most importantly, I’m going to spend more time concentrating on the babies.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t do every feeding every three hours around the clock with them, but I am also going to spend the downtime between feedings.  When I go back to work I will regret not squeezing out every second possible. I’m going to milk it.

AMK, ecstatic working mother of three 

Sammy, Gracie and Maddie