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Walking stairs brings up issues

25 Feb

It’s hard to walk the stairs…

..while texting, emailing, surfing or talking on the phone

…with a winter coat, mittens, scarf, starbucks, umbrella, big ole boots, a purse and a computer bag (I am still carrying the laptop and iPad, I have to figure out how to stop this)

…and what I discovered today…skinny jeans.  The good news is that I fit into my version of skinny jeans, the bad news is that it adds a new challenge to walking up the nine flights of stairs.

…Oh yeah, that was another new revelation today – no office building labels the 13th floor – so going from 8 to 18 is not ten flights, but rather nine flights.  This “ah ha” was the most disturbing of all.

I will continue to milk the brief alone time and power up the nine flights while only using my iPhone for music.


iPad Apps for 3+

5 Feb

Here are some great apps for preschoolers and perhaps older children. For the most part I am cheap so I usually get the free app and if something is very good I upgrade. Most of the recommendations below are free or .99.

Angry Birds ( ok this one is for you, but you can get it under the guise of needing it for your child.)
Cut The Rope
Fruit Ninja
Hidden Pix (think Highlights magazine from when you were a kid and email was 12 years in the future)
Drawing Pad
Memory Cards
Cookie Doodle
Uzu ( babies like this one, not that I encourage babies to use an iPad)
Signing Fingers
Yertle (dr suess book)
Virtuoso (piano)
Toy Story ( part e-book and part coloring book )

Have fun.