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If I see another crescent roll…

26 Dec

I’ll probably eat it.

My husband is always amazed that my goal of trying to eat well goes right out the window when I get to SC. Between the sweet tea, the chips at the local mexican place, my mom’s cookies and the crescent rolls I don’t stand a chance.

It wasn’t intentional, but we had a few too many menu items made from Pillsbury crescent rolls or grand rolls.  I know this exposes me as more of a semi-homemade person vs Martha Stewart, but it is what it is.

While I wouldn’t repeat four roll items over two days, I would recommend the Sticky Buns and the Baked Brie (links to the recipes below.)  I wish I could give ample credit for the recipes; however, I found them on Pinterest and now can’t find the originator.

Pigs in a blanket (Christmas Eve item) – made for the kids, but always a hit with the adults
Sticky Buns (Christmas morning breakfast) – pre-present opening fuel
Brie wrapped in dough (Christmas appetizer)
Rolls for dinner (Christmas dinner)

addendum on 12/27:  I forgot about the cream cheese squares made with crescent rolls, this is really what pushed us over the edge.  I’m not sure how I could have forgotten.

What was your favorite recipe from this holiday season?


Mommy, does Santa Clause bring the Hanukkah presents?

3 Dec

My four year old daughter asked me this as she was doing the three day countdown to Hanukkah.  I’m Catholic and she is Jewish, as is my husband.  We made this decision a long time ago and so far it has been very easy. But when I got this question I couldn’t give her my parents response which always was, “don’t talk about presents Christmas is about baby Jesus’ birthday – not gifts!”  I still cringe  when I hear people getting excited purely because of presents.

I’m happy to report after the second night of Hanukkah she knows the gifts come from family and friends and that she will celebrate with mommy on Christmas.  However, I took the advice of many Jewish friends and family who said Hanukkah shouldn’t be that big of a deal and you shouldn’t go crazy with the gifts – do little things.  So far she is not impressed with her gifts of a book light (she “reads” in bed every night in the dark) and two Dr. Seuss Books.  “Mommy do you have any princess gifts?’

So for now it is about the presents and the lighting of the candles. Luckily I’ll have time to figure this out before her brother and sister can understand anything.  We’ll milk the time we have.