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Fire Starter

5 Oct

I want to be a fire starter rather than a firefighter. Firefighters are reactive and jump from one problem to the next. Fire Starters don’t let anything get in their way – they blaze new trails. They are an innovative lot who pride themselves on not getting hung up by rules or social graces. Firefighters don’t have time to think, they just do and do and do. Fire Starters think of a movement and galvanize others to join or at least follow. I would hedge a bet that Fire Starters are more emotional while their counter parts are much more rational. Which brings us to the question – can we change who we are? If we are born Firefighters can we hold back on what is right and just and immediate in order to embrace the carefree expressions that Fire Starters define themselves by?

I think so. It just takes patience and energy. It is much harder to resist the urge to fill your time and day with tasks, than it is to check items off the massive to do list. You need to train your mind a new habit. Think of it has milking your time. You want every drop to count towards a richer expenditure of time. If you are going to do something, do something you can hold up and say, “I did that.” And to heck with the stuff no one will remember not getting done, never mind notice it.