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Money well spent on baby products

11 Apr

As I get ready to donate all my gear, I am reflecting back on the gobs of money spent on the products.  There are so many baby items that turn out to be a waste of money, so here are six things that are totally worth it in my humble opinion:

Socks On – I really liked these, they actually kept the socks on and saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Milk Maids– This is a styrofoam type bottle holder that allows your baby to feed themselves a bottle – it rests on their belly so you don’t have to hold the bottle.

Bumbos with trays – These are really great and safe.  It’s the perfect place to put a baby when you don’t want to leave them laying down all the time.

Vitamix 5200 – You knew I was going to put this here. It’s great for baby purees.  See this older post.  https://amkline.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/making-baby-food-is/

Dr. Brown Bottles – High end bottles with lots of parts, but they are supposed to prevent acid reflux and digestive issues.  My babies spit up constantly until they were 11 months old, but I don’t think they were in pain.

CityMini Double Stroller – I am not giving this away for years.  I love this stroller and it is worth every penny that we spent.  I wasn’t sure I would like it, so I got it on Craig’s List slightly used so I could save money for the really super duper stroller.  But I am happy to say, this one has not made me year for another (and I’m the kind of person who likes four strollers so I have the perfect one for each occasion). It is skinny so fits through a regular door.  It is lightweight so with a flick of wrists you can fold it up and pop in the back of the van.  And it is large enough for our four and a half year old who wishes she were one.

All of these items make wonderful gifts for friends having babies.


Power of 10

15 Jan

My 10 month olds are sick.  My daughter fell asleep in her car seat as we were doing errands this morning.  I know that when I try to make the transfer from car to house – she wakes up and doesn’t go back to sleep.  Because she is sick I want her to sleep as much as possible.  My son is asleep in his crib – he follows my rules well.

So I am setting the microwave clock for ten minute increments and running out to the car to check on her.  I should mention that it is 20 degrees out.  BUT she is bundled up and as a blanket wrapped around her. So I’m confident she is warm enough, but I am still nervous.

As I ran around during these ten minute bursts I realized how productive I have been.  I noticed that I can pretty much break up whatever I do into blocks of ten minutes.

Grocery Store:
In/Out of the car with stroller and two ten month olds – 10 minutes
Shop and Checkout – 10 minutes (I have a small grocery store)

Going out with babies:
10 minutes to don snowsuits and arrange in seats

Cooking Babyfood:
10 minutes of Prep (cutting veggies)
10 minutes of assembly
10 minutes of cleaning
10 minutes of puree, storage, etc
30 minutes of cooking (that’s three 10s)

Writing this entry:
10 minutes (so I’m almost out of time.)

Try milking the power of 10.  See what you can accomplish.  Set a timer.

Making baby food is…

8 Jan



Time Consuming




Saturday’s two creations consisted of 7 vegetable bolognese with tiny star pasta AND strawberries, apple, kale and rice puree.  I did the bolognese during the morning nap and the fruit puree during afternoon nap.  Since my children don’t power nap, they spent a little time in their cribs “talking” so I could actually finnish the prep for the freezer.

I am thankful to Annabel Karmel for her recipes.  I have made a lot of them so now I am into inventing my own and using her’s as a basic guide.

I know I could appear to be a spokesperson for the Vitamix 5200 but I promise I’m not.  But that is my savior in this baby food making adventure.  It’s really easy and efficient.  So it makes the time spent much shorter than doing it by hand or by a traditional food processor.

The first photo shows the strawberries, apples and kale cooking.  Second photo is the brown rice added to the puree (after the Vitamix) and the last photo is the storage/freezing process.