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Datebook is a window to the past. Facebook is a window to the present.

31 Dec

Datebook is a window to the past. Facebook is a window to the present.

I heard an interesting story on NPR’s Weekend Edition this morning entitled The Simple Joys of an old fashioned datebook. The story is about “holding time in your hands” and being able to see the whole year  come flooding back through your handwriting, ticket stubs and other attachments.

I love(d) my datebooks.  I saved them year after year and then the digital age happened, I got all snarky and during a cleaning frenzy I tossed most of the datebooks.  Oh, how sad I am now.  When I was home for Christmas last week, I found one of my datebooks from college.  It was lots of fun thumbing through it looking at the different activities, but the best part was the address book with all my friends’ phone numbers.

Phone Numbers (no mobile numbers)

Many of the people in the book are now well-known in their field/industry, but when their name appeared in this little book they were just known to their friends and family (some would call this normal*.)  Who knew there would be a critically acclaimed poet, an art director with multiple Emmy’s under his belt, a musician, a film director with an Emmy nomination or two, a few news anchors and investigative reporters, ad execs, heads of studios, accomplished television / movie editors,  media moguls, television news producers, ESPN sports producers and on-air talent, to name a few?  Emersonians knew.  And there are many other people not mentioned above who are responsible for things not in the public eye – running charitable foundations, developing movie scripts, raising families, teaching musical theater, top of the heap salespeople in real estate and media, etc.

I may start using a paper datebook again.  Milking the memories.

And thanks to the digital age –  most of us are tangentially aware of each other through Facebook and try to get together whenever we find ourselves in the same city.

Oscars used to be a whole month later

*No matter what my friends are doing now, none of them is normal.  They weren’t then and they aren’t now.


It always rains on me in Puerto Rico

14 May

It always rains on me in Puerto Rico and that’s ok. I am on a girls’ weekend in Ocean Park. We stay at the Número Uno Guest House. My two friends have been coming to this same place for eight years. My first trip here was their second year. It poured. And poured. We spent a lot of our time huddled on the wrought iron couches listening to the rain on the tin roof while deeply immersed in our books. My second trip here was their fourth year. It poured and was windy, but we did have a couple nice beach days. And now on my third trip here, I find all five (every year there is a different cast of characters who join the original two) of us huddled together in the courtyard talking about going to lunch; however there isn’t any power so we will just have to make due with the hunk of Manchego.

It’s ok that it rains because we are still relaxing. We still don’t have to check email. We don’t have to figure out how to entrain children in the downpour. We don’t have to do anything except be thankful that we can take this time out to recharge. We are milking our time in the rain, together but alone in our books and our thoughts (and drinks.)

I spent a lot of time worrying about leaving my family for four days. But my wonderful husband reminded me in his way that if I didn’t enjoy myself this time would be wasted. So therefore it goes to support the great advice – if you are going to do something do it well.

My Picks for the SuperBowl Ad Wars

7 Feb

Not that anyone cares, but I like to rank the spots.  I think it would be interesting to see what you pick too.

Favorite 7 Spots:

1. Chrysler 200 (Ode to Detroit)

2. Cruz Eco (retirement home)

3. Best Buy “What’s a Beiber?”

4. Audi’s (escape the confines of old luxury)

5. Doritos (sucking finger)

6. Bridgestone (reply all and beaver)

7. Sealy’s/Sleepy’s (morning fun)


Groupon (Tibet is never funny)

Annoying online execution:

Focus Rally – still can’t login due to registration activation (probably user error, but spent too much time trying to figure it out.)

Honorable Mention for movie and / or TV promotion:

House (this is our HOUSE and the Mean Joe Green spoof)

Who Cares?:

ShapeUps by Sketchers (watching their fan count and it isn’t climbing)

Duel of the Sodas:

Pepsi Max

Social Extensions:

Didn’t seem to prevalent, or as prevalent as predicted. Only three spots had twitter handles and only a few had Facebook.  Focus Rally will unfold in social media. can enable it.  Groupon and Living Social are activating their services through mass channels – did they jump the shark?  I think maybe they did.

What are you picks for the categories?