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Some people love shoes. Some love bags. I happen to love Fitbits.

5 Jan

“It will help with your steps,” my 7 year old daughter said to me after asking for a glass of water only after I had already tucked her into bed.

I didn’t notice that my obsession with Fitbit was absorbed by my child.  But I knew my mother caught it when I gave her my Flex in September.  If she doesn’t reach her goal by the end of the night, she is known to pace in the house or go around the block before midnight when the counter starts over.

My love of Fitbit started a few years ago when my good friend told me she was wearing one.  I started with an Ultra – it was a great product right out of the gate – the customized messages, the display, battery life and clip.  After 18 months, I lost it.  I tried to wait it out, it had to turn up somewhere, but it never did.  I then started hearing about the Flex (wristband) and I put my name on a waiting list and waited.  I got it two days before a trip to Italy – which was great because I could track our steps during the trip.  I still haven’t beat the record day where we reached 18,000 steps walking through Venice.

But unlinke the Ultra, the Flex didn’t give me the immediate gratification or messaging – everything that I used to be able to see on the Ultra was only accessible on the FitBit app or site.  But I longed to see it right in front of me on my wrist.  And foolishly I thought it could double as a watch like the Nike Fuel Band, but the Flex was design just showing progress lights.  So I needed to wear both a watch and a FitBit.  I did love Flex’s addition of the silent alarm and sleep tracker, which the Ultra didn’t nail.

In September I gave the Flex to my mom and I bought the One.  All of a sudden the investment I stressed over was not an issue, I no longer ‘wanted it’ I needed it.  The One is really good, but the part that was missing was the personal connection with people (and effective sleep tracker.)  There is a small connection that is made when you see others wearing a Fitbit.  You don’t even have to talk about it, but you just have a something in common. You can’t get that when you wear a Fitbit on your waist under your clothes.

When I heard that Force, was coming out I put it on my Christmas list, knowing that my obsession is bordering ridiculous.  Then as fate would allow, when I was packing for my holiday vacation, I found the Ultra that I had lost so long ago in my suitcase.

My husband did end up getting me the Force for Christmas and it is the BEST one yet.  I now have the One, the found Ultra and my Force gift.  So I will pass on my obsession by finding good homes for the One and the Ultra.

The Force is a wristband and acts as a watch, it celebrates with lights and vibration when you get to your goal, there is a silent alarm, you wear it on your wrist, it tracks steps, stairs, miles and activity level and the battery life is incredible.

I’m looking forward to CES to see where the wearable technology category is going.

Dear Fitbit,
My wishes for the next Fitbit product include:
a pink band
slightly slimmer
ability to customize the display messages
a way to count the effort from a Power Yoga class.
You know I’ll buy it.