8 Jul

The beauty of Google+ is also causing me great frustration – it is truly collaborative and you can see changes being made on an hourly basis because of user comments and feedback. But while I like being an early adopter and knowing more than the average person, I feel dumb with Google+. It takes time to get to know how to use this, it’s cumbersome at points, things disappear and then reappear… I need a personal guide to lead me through the ins and outs – but everyday because everyday things change. I know this is in beta. I accept that fact, I just think it should be easier to use right away. As a marketer I know how hard it was to get people to embrace Facebook, never mind Twitter where a lot of people still haven’t fully ventured. If Google+ doesn’t get a whole lot more intuitive, it will be for a bunch of marketing/tech geeks who like to know more about this space because we can. The unfortunate thing is that their friends won’t be with them here because they’ll still all be on Facebook. So a new circle could be called “Non-Facebook Friends who aren’t really friends, but rather virtual acquaintances”

Top three things that annoy me:
1.) The invitation process/system, it’s social – if I can’t have my friends with me what’s the point?
2.) Mobile lag time. Social is so mobile and in the moment. I felt like I went back a year thinking about the next time to go to the desktop.
3.) Trying to explain Google+ to people

I will stick with this because it’s Google. I will try to learn it because it’s my job. I will have fun because some of the stuff is cool like Hangouts where you can have a video chat with IM with YouTube videos all at the same time. I will continue to be frustrated with the assumption that people will just figure this out. I will be annoyed that things aren’t readily available like a mobile app for the iPhone (but one came out today – kind of…), and that you can’t use Hangouts on the iPad2 and that if you do follow ‘celebrities’ in your stream the comments cascade and are quite plentiful and simply annoying.

I’ll tell you one thing – it is causing a lot of conversation for sure. Real live debates and virtual ones. It’s wonderful to be part of such an opinionated and boisterous crowd. I’m not into defending any social platform/network. Like any product or service, if the story is better than the store it will be exposed. People find a purpose for whichever service they prefer, but most of use many, so adding one more doesn’t feel like the end of the world – but wouldn’t it be great if there was one killer app that did it all – including mobile payment and changed your address with all of your creditors at one time so you didn’t have to do change of address. Can’t everyone be on a Facebook Connect like system?

Have fun exploring this (if you are lucky enough to get in before the official public launch).


Here is a link to an article asking why Google launched before they were ready….


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