Power of 10

15 Jan

My 10 month olds are sick.  My daughter fell asleep in her car seat as we were doing errands this morning.  I know that when I try to make the transfer from car to house – she wakes up and doesn’t go back to sleep.  Because she is sick I want her to sleep as much as possible.  My son is asleep in his crib – he follows my rules well.

So I am setting the microwave clock for ten minute increments and running out to the car to check on her.  I should mention that it is 20 degrees out.  BUT she is bundled up and as a blanket wrapped around her. So I’m confident she is warm enough, but I am still nervous.

As I ran around during these ten minute bursts I realized how productive I have been.  I noticed that I can pretty much break up whatever I do into blocks of ten minutes.

Grocery Store:
In/Out of the car with stroller and two ten month olds – 10 minutes
Shop and Checkout – 10 minutes (I have a small grocery store)

Going out with babies:
10 minutes to don snowsuits and arrange in seats

Cooking Babyfood:
10 minutes of Prep (cutting veggies)
10 minutes of assembly
10 minutes of cleaning
10 minutes of puree, storage, etc
30 minutes of cooking (that’s three 10s)

Writing this entry:
10 minutes (so I’m almost out of time.)

Try milking the power of 10.  See what you can accomplish.  Set a timer.


One Response to “Power of 10”

  1. tuesday2 January 15, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Ha ha…Love this challenge! I can surely monitor my use of time with this method of management!

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